Old yet, forever young.

Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island: No Berlin district reflects the history and cultural pulse of the city as well as the old and new Mitte district. It’s not just a place for politics, it’s also home to some of Berlin’s must-see sights, some of the most fashionable shopping areas and many sophisticated cultural venues.

However, it’s the vibrant arts and creative scene in particular that makes Mitte a magnet for successful people who have vision. As always, the heart of the city is the destination of choice for creative spirits, fashion designers and the media.

In my neighbourhood
My city, my Arkona neighbourhood.

Berliners love their neighbourhoods. The area surrounding the green Arkonaplatz makes a wonderful example. It’s filled with street cafés and small shops and boasts a picturesque view of the Zionskirche. Here, just a few metres away from A SPACE, urban life and tranquillity are at one thanks to the endless charm the neighbourhood possesses, despite its central location. Young families in particular are drawn to its excellent infrastructure, with kintergartens and schools, a spacious playground and the atmospheric farmer’s markets and flea markets. The lively, trendy quarter of Prenzlauer Berg, home to Oderberger Strasse, Kastanienallee and Mauerpark, is just a short distance away.

Street view
From beer brewing and
ballet rehearsals.

Built around 1900, the four-storey building between Wolliner and Kremmener Strasse has always been a place of creative industries and crafts. Over the decades, the location has been home to a brewery and watch makers. Hundreds of women sewed clothing here in Berlin’s fashion centre. The Arkonahöfe served as home to the DELTA cinema until the building of the Berlin Wall. During the years of the German Democratic Republic, the state- owned film studio, DEFA, used the space for foreign film screenings and television ballet rehearsals. It later became a business and socio-cultural centre. A SPACE is located in an area steeped in history. It’s just a stone’s throw away from part of the Berlin Wall that ran along Bernauer Strasse from 1961 to 1989. The Berlin Wall Memorial, the principal memorial site of the division of Germany, commemorates this period in history.